Franklin Wolfson is an experienced business professional who has always understood the importance of helping others in the community. His commitment to helping others is what inspired him to create his current business. While thinking of a way for charities to raise money in a much less labor intensive environment than conventional practices, Wolfson devised Revenue Enhancement Worldwide (REW). The mission of the company is to create a dependable and growing source of revenue for businesses, charitable institutions, schools, religious organizations, and other worthy causes.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Franklin Wolfson is always looking for something new to create, build or improve upon. At the heart of each of these endeavors has been a desire to give back and assist those around him. He has always believed in charity and giving back to the community.His business principles have always centered on these essential values. Franklin credits his success to his belief that cooperation is a much more powerful motivator than competition.

Wolfson currently serves as CEO of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, a company that he founded back in 2008 to help small businesses and nonprofit clients increase their revenue without any interfering with to their regular business or fundraising activities.

Outside of his work with REW, Franklin Wolfson dedicates much of his time to a number of different charitable organizations. He presently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Golden Rule Society. The organization was established in 1972 to offer beneficial educational, motivational, inspirational, and character building programs to children, especially for children with Military Service Members, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Personnel.

Furthermore, Franklin Wolfson is extremely passionate about the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization with whom he is a donor. The Wounded Warriors Project was established to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.

Franklin Wolfson holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Marketing from Bernard Baruch, where he earned the Bernard M. Baruch Memorial Scholarship. Franklin has since left his home state of New York, currently living in Newport Beach, California.