Alien worlds. Danger. Excitement. Suspense. Adventure. Come, join Captain Quantum on a trip far away from Earth to a place known as the Galaxy of Darkness. Stow away on a sunship and join the Sun Troopers on an exciting adventure to this mysterious and fascinating galaxy populated by bizarre alien beings whose worlds are slowly succumbing to a psychopath’s plan of “invisible conquest.”

Using the concept of “edutainment.” (with our primary focus on entertainment) our allegorical adventure becomes a visually exciting, highly imaginative and entertaining story that contains a subtle educational message about the dangers of drugs without becoming “preachy.” As we accompany the Sun Troopers on their pioneering mission, we learn to understand Sun Speak and marvel at Captain Quantum’s amazing array of gadgets. Travelling along this perilous journey into the Unknown, we feel our hearts race as we anticipate coming face-to-face with the most Unscrupulous villain in any galaxy. Our adrenaline really starts pumping as the Sun Troopers land on this terrifying planet that houses an impervious fortress that can unlock the only weapon that will enable the Sun Troopers to win their first battle in their continuing war against Toxin.

The villain of our tale, the evil Dr. Toxin, is attempting to control his galaxy by making its inhabitants dependent on addictive substances that only he can supply. His four phase plan of invisible conquest is to globally introduce specific drugs in ascending danger levels to his targeted planets. Beginning with the “gateway” drugs of alcohol and marijuana Toxin slowly nurtures his victims into becoming more and more dependent on a host of more severely debilitating drugs like narcotics and barbiturates. As each phase of Toxin’s plan is implemented, it pulls the users deeper and deeper into the dark world of addiction, crime and decay.

Only one man, Professor Ouaazar, is aware of Toxin’s plan but, before he can expose it, he is discovered by Toxin’s henchman, Slick Shysta, who unleashes a computer controlled mechanical assassin called a “slitherbot” to terminate Quaazar.

Just as Quaazar is contacting the planet’s most capable astronaut. Captain Quantum, to help him fight Toxin and his army of Ugly Druggies, the slitherbot attacks. Quaazar, mortally wounded, is rushed to the hospital where Commander Aurora, a medical Specialist and Quaazar’s daughter, undertakes an experimental operation to save her father’s life. Although eminently capable, Aurora is only able to save Ouaazar’s brain, his body is beyond repair.

After preserving the scientist’s brain in a special device which enables him to communicate, Quaazar relates his plan to combat Toxin. His strategy demands the implementation of a bold course of action requiring Captain Quantum to raise a force field around the planet Ihhalius, the cloud shrouded World which is the center of Toxin’s drug distribution network. One problem, the force field can only be activated by “the mind of a child” and there are no children on Quantum’s planet of Rain, so Ouaazar instructs Ouantum to recruit children from Earth.

Traveling to Earth, they enlist the aid of an elementary Schoolteacher who becomes their “Mission Navigator.” After being made to understand the gravity of the situation and recognizing the need to protect the secrecy of the mission, the teacher agrees to allow the Rainites to replace four of her students with “photobots.” Photobots are exact replicates of the children but replicants have one drawback, they fade after 18 hours and become unrecognizable. Therefore, Quantum and Ouaazar are under extreme pressure to quickly complete the mission and return the children to Earth.

Ouantum and Ouaazar rocket the children to Inhalius training them to become “Sun Troopers” who use their resourcefulness and courage to save the alien galaxy. Finding themselves “trespassers” on this dangerous, drug addicted planet, they learn to depend on one another in order to overcome the perilous obstacles confronting them. In the end, using their ingenuity, they defeat an indomitable robotic guard, “The Sentinel,” and then invade a century old citadel to face their greatest challenge of all. Racing against time and the forces of Dr. Toxin’s army of D.O.P.E. S. (Druggies Organized to Promote Evil & Servitude), the children struggle to unlock the puzzle of the citadel. They must muster all their courage, strength, and cunning to find the one key that unlocks the planet’s force field before Toxin can complete his counter measure which would render the force field ineffective. With the imagination of a child and the daring of a Sun Trooper, they bravely confront this most daunting task.

Proving their worth, the Sun Troopers accomplish the impossible and raise Inhalius’ force field, thus saving the planet Rain. But the psychopathic villain, Dr. Toxin, is only momentarily thwarted and as he makes his escape he vows that he will return and hail retribution against Captain Quantum and his Sun Troopers.

Don’t miss the continuing excitement as the adventure continues in Chapter Two’s thrilling story, “Toxin’s Revenge.”